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Jeffrey Lienert

Jeffrey Lienert

About Me

I am a doctoral fellow in the NIH Oxford Cambridge Scholars Program. I am advised by Dr. Laura Koehly at the Social and Behavioral Research Branch (SBRB) of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), Dr. Felix Reed-Tsochas at the Said Business School at Oxford University, and Dr. Chris Marcum, also at the SBRB. You can my profile at the NIH and at the Said Business School

My research is focused on the health implications of the social environment, particularly how patients being co-located in hospital wards (co-presence) impacts health outcomes. This includes a recent paper in Network Science on the social influence between patients in a chemotherapy ward. Importantly, my work uses large observational datasets to answer research questions typically requiring detailed ethnographic or survey research for a fraction of the cost.

I also develop methodology, particularly within the realm of social network analysis. I recently extended methods for calculating the triad census to incorporate node attributes, or colors.

The final main current direction of my research is computational efficiency. Given my work on large observational datasets, it is important not only that my algorithms function, but that they do so in a timeframe that is amenable to research. For example, naive approaches to the colored triad census would have taken years on networks greater than 1000 nodes. Using optimizaiton methods, I was able to reduce that time to less than a day.